Eco-Friendly Pools

Save money and our planet with a more eco-friendly pool!

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pool solution, call the experts at Evo Pool Service! We offer the latest in eco-friendly pool technology.

Convert to Salt

The most common eco-friendly pool solution is to convert to a salt water pool. Chlorine can take a toll on your eyes, skin, and hair, but now there is an alternative available that can provide a more natural swimming experience. By converting your chlorine-based system to a salt water pool, you will notice a significant change to your swimming pool environment and comfort.

There are many benefits to converting to a salt water pool system, including:

Converting to a salt water system is simple. The Evo Pool Service team will install a new electronic salt system and salt cell. This will be plumbed to your current equipment. We will then fill the pool with the required amount of salt. Your salt water pool will be available to enjoy right away!

Energy Efficiency

Another eco-friendly pool option can be found on the equipment pad. New high efficiency pool pumps and motors help save energy, conserve water and reduce noise. New high performance heaters and heat pumps also deliver optimal energy efficiency. You may also want to consider energy efficient cartridge filters and automatic pool cleaners. Call Evo Pool Service to discuss your goals for an eco-friendly pool, and we will be sure to find the solution that is just right for you.

See the Light

LED lights are also an excellent way to improve your pool’s efficiency. They last longer than non-LED lights and make less of an impact on the environment. They also offer cost savings because they use less energy to operate.


Consider installing an automated control system as part of your eco-friendly pool solution. By automating your pool and spa functions, you can save up to 70% on your pool’s energy costs. You can use a swimming pool automation system for balancing the pH, sanitizing, cleaning and filtration.

For an entire backyard automation system, Evo Pool Service offers EasyTouch by Pentair pool products. Control your entire backyard environment, including the pool, spa, lights, water features, backyard lights and even fans, from a handheld device.

UV System